Test Days and Calendar of Events


Host club

Date: 10/01/2009 – 03/31/2010

Location: Host club
List of test days for the upcoming season and the test day procedures manual is attached


Test Days

Cornwall  Dec. 12th  12:30-4 high

Cornwall  Dec. 15th   4-7 low

Charlottetown Dec. 17th   low

Pownal Dec. 18th  low

Sherwood  Dec. 20th 2-5:3  low

O’Leary  Jan 3rd  8-2  high

Summerside Jan 10th   8:15-11:30  low

Kensington  Jan 13th low

Alberton  Jan 16th   low

Kensington  Mar 10th  low

Pownal Mar 12th high

Alberton  Mar. 13th   low

Kensington  Mar 14th   8-1  high

Sherwood  Mar 14th  low

Summerside  Mar. 29th  low


Tignish Club Carnival Day Dec. 15th

Summerside club  Jan 11th  4:30-9

Kensington Club  Jan 11th

Alberton Club Jan 12th  (14th storm date)

Sherwood Club Jan 18th  (21st storm date)

Montague Club Jan 19th

O’Leary Club  Jan 23    3:45

Evangeline Club Jan 25th

Skate Dartmouth Jan 29th

Friendship Synchro  Feb 7th  9-12:30

ADL Feb 27th  Kensington

Provincial Starskate  Mar 6th- 7th   O’Leary

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