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2018 PEI & NB Provincial Synchro Practice Schedule

2018 PEI NB Provincial Synchro Practice Schedule

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2018 STARSkate and Provincial Synchro Schedule

2018 STARSkate and Provincial Synchro Schedule

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2018 ADL STARSkate Schedule


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2017 StarSkate Results

STAR2017STAR4-5Dance Results

STAR2017STAR4Girls Over 13 Group1 Results

STAR2017STAR4Girls Over 13 Group2 Results

STAR2017STAR4Girls Under 13 Results

STAR2017STAR4Team Results

STAR2017STAR5Team Results

STAR2017STAR5Women Over 13 Reports

STAR2017STAR5Women Over 13 Results

STAR2017STAR5Women Under 13 Reports

STAR2017STAR5Women Under 13 Results

STAR2017STAR6-7SoloDance European Reports

STAR2017STAR6-7SoloDance Results

STAR2017STAR6-7SoloDance Ten Fox Reports

STAR2017STAR6Women Elements Reports

STAR2017STAR6Women Elements Results

STAR2017STAR6Women Freeskate Reports

STAR2017STAR6Women Results

STAR2017STAR7Women Freeskate Reports

STAR2017STAR7Women Freeskate Results

STAR2017STAR8-9SoloDance Results

STAR2017STAR8-9SoloDance Starlight Reports

STAR2017STAR8-9SoloDanceRocker Reports

STAR2017STAR8Women Freeskate Reports

STAR2017STAR8Women Freeskate Results

STAR2017STAR9Women Freeskate Reports

2017 Synchro Adult II Reports

2017 Synchro Adult III Reports

2017 Synchro Elementary Reports

2017 Synchro Elementary Results

2017 Synchro Juvenile Reports

2017 Synchro Juvenile Results

2017 Synchro Pre-Novice Reports

2017 Synchro Pre-Novice Results



STAR2017BronzeWomen Interpretive Reports

STAR2017BronzeWomen Interpretive Results

STAR2017GoldWomen Skills Reports

STAR2017GoldWomen Free Results

STAR2017GoldWomen Freeskate Reports

STAR2017GoldWomen Interpretive Reports

STAR2017GoldWomen Interpretive Results

STAR2017GoldWomen Skills Results

STAR2017SilverWomen Interpretive Reports

STAR2017SilverWomen Interpretive Results

STAR2017STAR4-5Dance Reports

2017 STARSkate Championships Results

STAR 4/5 Couples Dance

  1. Jasmyn Coughlin &

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Skate Canada Awards

Awards program


The Section and National awards program is launching. Here are a few notes regarding this program and launch:


  • Distribution: the ecampaign will go to the following groups:
    • Skate Canada Board of Directors
    • Section Chairs
    • Section Offices
    • Club boards (note that this includes anyone a club has identified as being a part of their club board of directors and currently registered as of today)
    • Club and skating school administrators
    • Coaches
    • Officials (note that this includes anyone with at least 1 officials qualification that is currently registered as of today)
    • National Office Staff


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PEI/NB Provincial Synchro 2016 Practice Schedule

2016 PEI NB Provincial Synchro Practice Schedule

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StarSkate 2016 Starting Orders

STAR 2016Bronze InterpretiveWomenINL21segStartOrders

STAR 2016STAR5GirlsU13FP2segStartOrders

STAR 2016STAR5Girls13 & OFP2segStartOrders

STAR 2016STAR 5 Team ElementsTeamELL21segStartOrders

STAR 2016Silver InterpretiveWomenINL21segStartOrders

STAR 2016Senior SilverWomenFP2segStartOrders

STAR 2016Senior Silver Solo Pattern DanPD1segStartOrders

STAR 2016Senior BronzeWomenFP2segStartOrders

STAR 2016Senior BronzeDancePD1segStartOrders

STAR 2016Senior Bronze Solo Pattern DanPD1segStartOrders

STAR 2016Senior Bronze Team ElementsTeaELL21segStartOrders

STAR 2016Pre-Introductory InterpretiveWINL11segStartOrders

STAR 2016Junior Silver Solo Pattern DanPD1segStartOrders

STAR 2016Junior BronzeDancePD1segStartOrders

STAR 2016Junior Bronze Solo Pattern DanPD1segStartOrders

STAR 2016Introductory InterpretiveWomenINL11segStartOrders

STAR 2016GoldWomenFP2segStartOrders

STAR 2016Gold InterpretiveWomenINL21segStartOrders

STAR 2016Gold Creative Skating SkillsWoCS1segStartOrders

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2016 ADL Results

ADL 2016STAR 3 Solo Pattern DanceDancecatResults

adl star 4 team results




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2016 Atlantic Skating Championships

Skate Atlantica Application 2016-PEI

2016 Announcement

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2016 Star Schedule and Provincial Synchro Schedule

2016 STARSkate and Provincial Synchro Schedule


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