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2017 STARSkate Championships Results

STAR 4/5 Couples Dance

  1. Jasmyn Coughlin & Shelby Dyment Tyne Valley FSC
  2. Lana Gillis & Roshandra Stetson Summerside FSC
  3. Amanda Williams & Jessica MacLeod Tyne Valley FSC

STAR 6/7 Solo Dance

  1. Jasmyn Coughlin Tyne Valley FSC
  2. Shelby Dyment Tyne Valley FSC


STAR 8/9 Solo Dance

  1. Jessica Howard O’Leary FSC
  2. Jane Gillis Summerside FSC
  3. Maria Arsenault Evangeline FSC


Bronze Interpretive

  1. Jaclyn Chandler Charlottetown FSC (winner of the Donald Glover Award)
  2. Jessica Howard O’Leary FSC
  3. Madeline MacDonald Sherwood Parkdale SC

Silver Interpretive

  1. Katie Stavert-Bernard Kensington Area FSC
  2. Claire Chilton Charlottetown FSC
  3. Laura Johnson Charlottetown FSC


Gold Interpretive

  1. Shae Lynn Tremblay Alberton Silver Blades FSC
  2. Chloë MacMillan Dallaire Charlottetown FSC
  3. Avery Arsenault Charlottetown FSC

STAR 4 Team Element Event

(3 way tie for first)

  1. Charlottetown Team 1 (Laura Johnson, Claire Chilton, Sarah Campanaro, Avery Arsenault)
  2. Charlottetown Rockets (Ella Hennessey , Sophie Trainor, Rachel MacKay, Paige Doncaster)
  3. Charlottetown Abbies (Kiera Marshall, Hailie Cormier, Jaclyn Chandler, Kaylynne Vessey)


STAR 5 Team Element Event

  1. Alberton Team 1 (Mallory MacDougall, Anna Herget, Diana Shea, Kassidy Gallant)
  2. Sherwood Parkdale Team 1 (Julia Davison, Emily Rogers, Kaylen Murnaghan, Madeline MacDonald)
  3. Kensington Team 1 (Shannan Hill, Jillian Marchbank, Paige Lauwerijssen, Abby Christopher)


STAR 6 Element Event

  1. Keira Dougay Summerside FSC
  2. Maria Arsenault Evangeline FSC




Gold Creative Skills

  1. Chloë MacMillan Dallaire Charlottetown FSC
  2. Nana Iwamoto Sherwood Parkdale SC
  3. Avery Arsenault Charlottetown FSC


STAR 4 Under 13 Freeskate

  1. Ella Hennessey Charlottetown FSC
  2. Kaylen Murnaghan Sherwood Parkdale SC
  3. Sophie Trainor Charlottetown FSC


STAR 4 Over 13 Group 1 Freeskate

  1. Amber Perry Tignish Silver Wings FSC
  2. Keana Jeffery Tignish Silver Wings FSC
  3. Jane Gillis Summerside FSC


STAR 4 Over 13 Group 2 Freeskate

  1. Abby Christopher Kensington Area FSC
  2. Jessica Howard O’Leary FSC
  3. Jillian Marchbank Kensington Area FSC



The following skaters will be representing PEI at Atlantic Canada Skating Championships in Nova Scotia in April.


STAR 5 Under 13 Freeskate

  1. Kaitlyn Smith Summerside FSC
  2. Gabrielle Samson Summerside FSC
  3. Julia Davison Sherwood Parkdale SC


STAR 5 Over 13 Freeskate

  1. Hannah Hardy Summerside FSC
  2. Hallie Cormier Charlottetown FSC
  3. Drew Hackett Tignish Silver Wings FSC
  4. Anna Herget Alberton Silver Blades FSC
  5. Shannan Hill Kensington Area FSC
  6. Paige Lauwerijssen Kensington Area FSC


STAR 6 Freeskate

  1. Keira Dougay Summerside FSC *           (*competing in Pre Juvenile
  2. Katie Stavert-Bernard Kensington Area FSC *        Under 13 at Atlantics)
  3. Maria Arsenault Evangeline FSC
  4. Kaylynne Vessey Charlottetown FSC
  5. Laura Davison Sherwood Parkdale SC


STAR 7 Freeskate

  1. Kiera Marshall Charlottetown FSC
  2. Sarah Campanaro Charlottetown FSC


STAR 8 Freeskate

  1. Shae Lynn Tremblay Alberton Silver Blades FSC
  2. Julia Dunn                                                 Charlottetown FSC


STAR 9 Freeskate

  1. Emma Hynes Summerside FSC – (competing in Juvenile Under 14 at


Gold Freeskate

  1. Elizabeth Clark Sherwood Parkdale SC
  2. Nana Iwamoto Sherwood Parkdale SC (not competing at Atlantics)


Also attending Atlantic Skating Championships are

–  Sara Rixon                                                       FSC – competing in Pre-Novice



Charlottetown Figure Skating Club won the club points award for the club accumulating the most points.



2017 PEI and NB Provincial Synchronized Skating Championships


The medals for the synchro competition are awarded by province.



  1. Riverview Royalettes Riverview SC
  2. Mystic Moves O’Leary FSC
  3. Alberton Ice Pixies Alberton Silver Blades FSC
  4. Beresford Mini Crystals Beresford SC
  5. Summerside Starlites Summerside FSC



Summerside Silhouettes                                              Summerside FSC



  1. Ice Crystals Evangeline FSC
  2. Riverview Pre-Novice Royalty Riverview SC
  3. Charlottetown Rockettes Charlottetown FSC
  4. Beresford Ice Crystals Beresford SC


Adult II

Rusty Blades                                                                     Tyne Valley FSC


Adult III

Riverview Adult Royalty                                                                Riverview SC


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