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Awards program


The Section and National awards program is launching. Here are a few notes regarding this program and launch:


  • Distribution: the ecampaign will go to the following groups:
    • Skate Canada Board of Directors
    • Section Chairs
    • Section Offices
    • Club boards (note that this includes anyone a club has identified as being a part of their club board of directors and currently registered as of today)
    • Club and skating school administrators
    • Coaches
    • Officials (note that this includes anyone with at least 1 officials qualification that is currently registered as of today)
    • National Office Staff


  • URLs: as was done the previous year, we encourage all Sections to prominently post the award URLs to their web sites and to actively encourage clubs and skating schools within the Section to do the same. All award (Section and National) URLs can be found here.


National awards





Section awards:





  • Criteria: although we had agreed to no review of the criteria, I was made aware late in the process to a few revisions recommended by our Sport Division team. Coach awards have been updated due to changes to CEP, and STARSkate athlete awards have been updated to remove the need for STAR tests passed as a criteria to ensure that special needs athletes are not precluded from consideration.


  • Additional award: the National Service Centre events department has recommended that another National award be added to those already in place. This award will recognize an person active as a volunteer at National level events. You’ll see nomination survey with award criteria in the same location with all other National awards.


  • Template: Given the noted issue with Wufoo last week, these surveys have been built under a new licence to ensure their functionality is not impacted. We have yet to update to have these branded with the Skate Canada logo. This will be completed shortly. This does not affect their functionality.

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