2016 StarSkate and Provincial Synchro Results

StarSkate Results

STAR 2016Senior BronzeWomencatResults

STAR 2016Senior BronzeWomenFP2segJudgesDetails

star 2016senior silver solo dance1

star 2016senior silver solo dance2

STAR2016Senior Silver Solo Pattern DancatResults

STAR 2016Senior SilverWomencatResults

STAR 2016Senior SilverWomenFP2segJudgesDetails

STAR 2016Silver InterpretiveWomencatResults

STAR 2016Silver InterpretiveWomenINL21segJudgesDetails

STAR 2016STAR5Girls13 & OcatResults

STAR 2016STAR5Girls13 & OFP2segJudgesDetails

STAR 2016STAR5GirlsU13catResults

STAR 2016STAR5GirlsU13FP2segJudgesDetails

STAR 2016Bronze InterpretiveWomencatResults

STAR 2016Bronze InterpretiveWomenINL21segJudgesDetails

STAR 2016Gold Creative Skating SkillsWocatResults

STAR 2016Gold Creative Skating SkillsWoCS1segJudgesDetails

STAR 2016Gold InterpretiveWomencatResults

STAR 2016Gold InterpretiveWomenINL21segJudgesDetails

star 2016junior bronze dance1

star 2016junior bronze dance2

star2016junior bronze solo dance1

star 2016junior bronze solo dance2

STAR 2016Junior Bronze Solo Pattern DancatResults

STAR 2016Junior BronzeDancecatResults

star 2016junior silver solo dance1

star 2016junior silver solo dance2

STAR 2016Junior Silver Solo Pattern DancatResults

star 2016senior bronze dance1

star 2016senior bronze dance2

star 2016senior bronze solo dance1

star 2016senior bronze solo dance2

STAR 2016Senior Bronze Solo Pattern DancatResults

STAR 2016Senior BronzeDancecatResults

Synchro Results

2016 PR SYBeginner ISynchroFP1segJudgesDetails

2016 PR SYElementarySynchrocatResults

2016 PR SYElementarySynchroFP1segJudgesDetails

2016 PR SYJuvenileSynchrocatResults

2016 PR SYJuvenileSynchroFP1segJudgesDetails

2016 PR SYPre-NoviceSynchrocatResults

2016 PR SYPre-NoviceSynchroFP1segJudgesDetails

2016 PR SYAdult SYS IISynchrocatResults

2016 PR SYAdult SYS IISynchroFP1segJudgesDetails

2016 PR SYBeginner IISynchrocatResults

2016 PR SYBeginner IISynchroFP1segJudgesDetails

2016 PR SYBeginner ISynchrocatResults

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