Test Days 2014


Test Dates 2013/2014


Saturday Dec. 14th Evangeline Low   8am-11am

Saturday Dec. 14th Sherwood Low/High  8am-1pm

Sunday Dec. 15th O’Leary Low 8am-1pm

Wednesday Dec. 18th Kensington Low 4:40-6:20 (only Sr. Br. tests to be tested)

Wednesday Dec. 18th C’town Low

Sunday Dec. 29th Evangeline High 8am-12pm

Monday Jan. 13th Summerside Low


Saturday Feb. 15th Alberton Low

Monday Feb. 17th Evangeline Low

Wednesday March 5th Kensington Low 4:40-6:20  (only Sr. Br. tests to be tested)

Friday March 7th Pownal Low

Saturday March 8th C’town High

Sunday March 9th Kensington High 8am-12pm

Wednesday March 12th Sherwood Low 5:30-7:45

Monday March 31st Summerside Low


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